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ALD Reactor for Coating Porous Substrates

  • Improved ALD reactor for coating substrates, particularly porous substrates having an aspect ratio, defined as pore length divided by pore diameter, of greater than about 10-1000, and a high surface area by virtue of the porosity
  • These features serve to improve the uniformity of the precursor flux, resulting in improved thickness and compositional uniformity of the deposited layers on the porous substrate

Multiple Operating System Rotation Environment Moving Target Defense

  • Systems and methods for providing a multiple operating system rotation environment (“MORE”) moving target defense (“MTD”) computing system are described.
  • The MORE-MTD system provides enhanced computer system security through a rotation of multiple operating systems. The MORE-MTD system increases attacker uncertainty, increases the cost of attacking the system, reduces the likelihood of an attacker locating a vulnerability, and reduces the exposure time of any located vulnerability.
  • The MORE-MTD environment is effectuated by rotation of the operating systems at a given interval. The rotating operating systems create a consistently changing attack surface for remote attackers.

Stream Splitting Moving Target Defense

  • This invention relates generally to systems that thwart cyber-attacks and data theft by employing moving target defense (MTD).
  • In particular, the invention relates to systems that utilize a stream splitting environment MTD to counter cyber-attack attempts and network sniffing, data acquisition attempts.

Use of Flat Panel Microchannel Photomultipliers in Sampling Calorimeters with Timing

  • Large-area, flat-panel photo-detectors with sub-nanosecond time resolution based on microchannel plates
  • Detectors may be used in a variety of applications including: medical imaging, security, and particle and nuclear physics

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