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Life Sciences
Having a healthy impact on energy, medicine and the environment

Argonne National Laboratory's life sciences research has yielded a portfolio of advanced technologies that are having a profound impact on medical technologies and therapies, energy production and sustainability, and bioremediation.

Argonne's roster of world-class biology and environmental scientists develop viable technologies — from cancer therapies and antibody engineering to biological methane production and engineered biofuels — that are based on a solid foundation of basic research.

Argonne works with existing and start-up businesses to license our patented life sciences technologies and to develop, analyze, and test bio-based new and emerging technologies.

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Medical Therapies

Endoscopic Electron-Beam Cancer Therapy

  • Cost-effective
  • Can treat cancer in inoperable or radiation-sensitive areas

Therapeutic Hypothermia: Protective Cooling Using Medical Ice Slurry

  • Portable, automatic
  • Advantageous for emergency care, cooling during surgeries, organ harvesting

Three-Dimensional Thermal Tomography Advances Cancer Treatment

  • Lowers medical costs due to lessened side effects
  • Noninvasive, enhances healing and detects other conditions

Medical Technologies

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanoparticles Open the Door to New Medical Innovations

  • Potential commercial applications
  • Targeting ability allows use in disease treatment, in vivo gene surgery, and cellular drug delivery

Molecule Nanoweaver Creates High-Tech Medical Patches and Multilayered Capsules

  • May increase the market for medical patches
  • Allows creation of medical patches that are more efficient at delivering medication and treatment, speeding up the healing process

Synthesizing Pharmaceuticals Using Containerless Processing

  • Offers higher yields than current state-of-the-art methods
  • Provides a more effective means of synthesizing amorphous pharmaceutical compounds

Protein and Antibody Technologies

Biomimetic Materials for Protein Storage and Transport

  • Enables delivery to sites outside of initial extraction and storage facilities
  • Allows isolation, maintenance, and indefinite storage of protein in its native state

Rhodobacter System for the Expression of Membrane Proteins

  • Lower production costs
  • Yields a higher fraction of proteins in soluble form

Systematic Method to Improve Antibody Stability

  • Fast and inexpensive method
  • Can be used to generate multiple products from the same antibody by fine-tuning stability levels

Synthesizing Membrane Proteins Using In Vitro Methodology

  • A cell-free, in vitro protein synthesis method for targeting difficult-to-study proteins
  • Quicker and easier than conventional methodologies, this system does not require host cells


Automated Microbial Detection and Quantification

  • IN-16-155  

Magneto-Optic Biosensor Using Bio-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles

  • More cost-effective than existing technologies
  • Enables more rapid and sensitive detection


Engineering Biofuels from Photosynthetic Bacteria

  • 30 to 70 percent of the fuel’s waste can be used to create other fuel sources
  • Combines both engineered and natural photosynthetic mechanisms to generate the fuel

Natural Gas Quality Biogas

  • Transportation Fuel and Organic Solid Fertilizer from Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Solids and Other Organic Wastes
  • Organic solid fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and Sulfur


Color X-ray histology for multi-stained biologic sample, IN-14-073

  • A system for staining tissue and X-ray imaging using multiple illumination energies
  • Allows for differentiation between 3D imaging of features at the micron scale
  • Provides technique for morphologically phenotyping opaque organisms

Discrimination of Bacillus anthracis from Closely Related Microorganisms by Analysis of 16S and 23SrRNA with Oligonucleotide Microchip

Enhanced Renewable Methane Production System

  • Low cost
  • Delivers near-pipeline-quality gas and eliminates carbon dioxide emissions

Selective Bactericidal Materials Comprised of Etched Silicon

  • IN-17-059

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