Influencing the future of vehicles, fuels

Argonne’s transportation research efforts bring together scientists and engineers from many disciplines to find cost-effective solutions to critical issues like foreign oil dependency and greenhouse gas emissions.

As one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s lead laboratories for research in hybrid powertrains, batteries, and fuel efficient technologies, Argonne’s transportation program is critical to advancing the development of next-generation vehicles. Patented technologies created by Argonne — which includes solutions for the smart grid, electric vehicles, emissions control and more — will help our nation conserve energy and protect the environment.

Argonne works with existing and start-up businesses to license our technologies and to develop, analyze, and test new and emerging technologies.

Effective Alternative to EGR: Novel Application of Air Separation Membranes

  • Reduces NOx emissions as much as 70%, with only 2% nitrogen enrichment of intake air
  • Ability to retrofit existing engines with the technology

Exhaust Analyzer

  • Aids in development of advanced technologies for reducing particulate emissions, thereby reducing human exposure
  • Diesel engine makers can use to evaluate diesel particulate emissions; refining companies can use it for evaluating fuel quality; and regulatory agencies can use for checking on-road vehicle compliance for emissions

Hybrid Radiator Cooling System

  • Enables an existing engine to function with a smaller radiator and cooling system
  • Increases heat removal by 46%, over conventional radiator

Fast, Sensitive and Reliable Hydrogen Sensor

  • Warm-up not required, and responds in less than 75 milliseconds in a 2% hydrogen atmosphere
  • Ultra-thin layering allows an application of $50 worth of palladium to approximately  16,000 sensors

Novel Application of Air Separation Membranes Reduces NOx Emissions

  • Can be retrofitted to existing engines 
  • Significantly reduces NOx emissions (as much as 70%) with just a 2% nitrogen enrichment of intake air

Compact, Low-Cost Bi-functional NOx/Oxygen Sensors for High-Temperature Applications

  • Placement in combustion chamber provide accurate oxygen-sensing, extremely low drift
  • 2-10% energy saving from sensor optimization of air-flow ratio and fuel oil viscosity

Smart Grid EV Communication (SpEC) Module

  • Conforms to Society of Automotive Engineers’ specifications for DC fast-charging
  • Provides faster recharge rates

“Smart” Frequency-Sensing Charge Controller for Electric Vehicles

  • Minimizes the burden on the power grid and provides significant benefits to electric utilities by providing a frequency-responsive load
  • Small, inexpensive to manufacture and easy to install

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