New tech could be “Mr. Fusion” for biofuel September 13, 2013

A new technology from Argonne may remind viewers of Mr. Fusion of Back to the Future fame, only with a biofuel twist: put in your waste and out comes diesel fuel.

Researchers hope better catalysts lead to better ways of converting biomass to fuelAugust 7, 2013

Scientists and entrepreneurs of old spent millennia trying to transmute lead into gold. Today, a new and more intellectually rigorous kind of alchemy has begun to produce important benefits for an economy that still relies heavily on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Bioenergy

Analyzing difficult energy problems and potential solutions, and identifying new energy resources and best ways to use them

Land-use change and greenhouse gas emissions from corn and cellulosic ethanolJuly 16, 2013

This paper investigates the effect of several key domestic lands carbon content modelling parameters on LUC GHG emissions.