Natural gas from coal, courtesy of microbesNovember 20, 2015

The key to extracting usable energy from deep coal seams and depleted oil reservoirs may lie with their tiniest residents: the microscopic organisms known as methanogenic Archaea.

New information about bacterial enzymes to help scientists develop more effective antibiotics, cancer drugsNovember 5, 2015

Results of a new study from Argonne, Scripps Research Institute, and Rice University allows researchers to manipulate nature’s biosynthetic machinery to produce more effective antibiotics and cancer-fighting drugs.

Study reveals structure of tuberculosis enzyme, could offer drug targetNovember 2, 2015

A team of scientists, including several from Argonne, have determined the structures of several important tuberculosis enzymes, which could lead to new drugs for the disease.

Scientists call for unified initiative to advance microbiome researchOctober 28, 2015

Leading scientists have formed a unified initiative to support basic research, technological development, and commercial applications to better understand and harness the capabilities of Earth’s vast systems of microorganisms.

Studies reveal a unified approach to combating several bacterial diseasesOctober 20, 2015

Researchers have discovered structural similarities among bacteria of various types that create the possibility of short-circuiting the infections they cause in similar ways.

Harnessing Light in the Fight against Cancer

Bioluminescence more accurate, forgiving than typical targeting methods