Cyber security

Farewell reception for Mark Peters

A farewell reception for EGS Associate Laboratory Director Mark Peters will be held Thursday, Sept. 24, from 4-6 p.m. at the Argonne Guest House. Peters will leave Argonne to become Director of the Idaho National Laboratory, effective Oct. 1.

All are welcome to attend and congratulate Mark as he takes on this important new assignment.

Analytics Oriented Risk Management

With Data Mining for Pattern Discovery and Decision Support Vectors


Cyber Security and Risk: What Do We Really Know

The talk will look at the current state of cyber security and APT (Advanced Persistent Threats). The discussion will try and separate the facts from the fiction and provide a realistic look at the risks and the threat agents. The actors/agents involved in the current cyber security "underground" will also be examined.

Analyzing Network Flow Records using Visual Analytics Approach
How to better find potential cyberattacks is the billion dollar question facing security researchers and practitioners. In a visual analytics based approach, we innovatively designed a graphic based system overview that can make suspicious activities related to server redirection attack and data exfiltration easier to identify.
Internet of Things

Enhancing the safety and security of the Internet of Things