Electricity transmission

Argonne-developed software to help plan the smart gridApril 30, 2013

Recently, researchers from Argonne National Laboratory have developed a new software tool called the Energy Zones (EZ) Mapping Tool that will help identify geographic areas suitable for the development of clean energy resources.

Team develops computational strategies for optimal planning of inventory and distribution of industrial gasesFebruary 1, 2011

Developing effective strategies for optimizing industrial gas distribution systems raises numerous challenges; short-term distribution planning decisions must be balanced with long-term inventory decisions. In addition, uncertainties arising from demand fluctuations and the losses or gains of customers in the distribution network may significantly affect the decision-making across the industrial gas supply chains. More »

Different energy mixes will fuel plug-in hybrid carsAugust 17, 2010

Led by engineers Michael Wang and Amgad Elgowainy, the Argonne team expanded and used the laboratory’s GREET model to assess which types of power plants are likely to satisfy the additional electrical demand that PHEVs will represent in different regions of the United States.

Report examines limits of national power grid simulationsMay 13, 2009

To better assess the challenges facing the power grid, Argonne National Laboratory hosted a workshop that brought together power system and modeling experts from federal agencies, national laboratories and academia.