Electrochemical energy storage

Three Argonne projects win DOE funding to improve vehicle technologiesSeptember 12, 2013

Argonne has received $4.7 million from the DOE for three projects to develop new vehicle technologies, including capacitors, electrochemical couples and electrolytes for batteries intended for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Caught in the light: Studying photostorageSeptember 24, 2012

A team of scientists successfully elucidated the mechanism of the photostorage step in the thermally reversible photoisomerization of FvRu2(CO)4.

The research bench meets industry: New facility scales up production of battery materialsAugust 21, 2012

Argonne’s new Materials Engineering Research Facility allows researchers to safely determine fast and economical ways of producing large quantities of advanced battery materials for commercial testing.

Argonne flows into utility-scale battery researchJune 28, 2012

Scientists at Argonne have developed an all-organic non-aqueous lithium-ion redox flow battery that would help expand use of large-scale solar and wind energy on the nation's electrical grid.

Catching some rays: Organic solar cells make a leap forwardJune 13, 2012

Drawn together by the force of nature, but pulled apart by the force of man – it sounds like the setting for a love story, but it is also a basic description of how scientists have begun to make more efficient organic solar cells.