Energy efficiency

HTEBdyn Heavy Truck Energy Balance Dynamic Model

The Heavy Truck Energy Balance Dynamic (HTEBdyn) model estimates the impact of technology improvements and innovations on heavy truck fuel consumption for a variety of duty cycles. The model was specifically developed by TA Engineering, Inc., to support analysis of the benefits of U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office programs in terms of fleet level reductions in energy and petroleum consumption and associated emissions and it is designed to interface with the analytical tools used for that assessment.

TRUCK Heavy Vehicle Market Penetration Model

The TRUCK heavy vehicle market penetration model was developed by TA Engineering, Inc., (TAE) personnel and other consultants providing analytical support for the US DOE’s advanced transportation technology program activities—starting in the early 1990s. In addition to updates carried out periodically in response to software enhancements, a significant revision was performed for use in the 2012 National Petroleum Council’s Future Transportation Fuels Study (FTF).

Heavy Truck Benefits Analysis Models

The linkage of several Heavy Vehicle Benefits Characterization spreadsheet models generates initial benefits estimates. The models currently used include:

Heavy Vehicle Characterization and Benefits Analysis

Argonne National Laboratory estimates potential future benefits from technologies being developed under U.S. Department of Energy, Vehicle Technologies Office projects