Energy storage

Energy Storage

The challenge of creating new advanced batteries and energy storage technologies is one of Argonne's key initiatives. By creating a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned researchers, including partners from major corporations, universities, Argonne and other national laboratories, we are working to aid the growth of the U.S. battery manufacturing industry, transition the U.S. automotive fleet to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and enable greater use of renewable energy.

Turning methane into usable liquid fuel: Illinois Institute of Technology and Argonne to receive $2M for hybrid fuel cellsAugust 4, 2014

Researchers from Argonne and the Illinois Institute of Technology were awarded $2 million over the course of two years to fund studies on hybrid fuel cells from ARPA-E.

Baris KeyJuly 31, 2014

Assistant Chemist

Electrolyte Materials Available for Sampling

Argonne’s Materials Synthesis and Manufacturing Research and Development Program provides advanced electrolyte and cathode materials to interested parties for evaluation and further research. Scaling to kilogram or larger scale can require substantial process modifications, and until that step is developed, economics, product consistency and quality are uncertain. The following Certificates of Analysis provide information about the materials currently available.