Energy usage

2013 Advanced Photon Source Science

APS Science features articles on Advanced Photon Source research and engineering highlights that are written for the interested public as well as the synchrotron x-ray, engineering, and broader scientific communities; potential facility users; and funding agencies.

NEAT: Non-Light Duty Energy and GHG Emissions Accounting Tool

This accounting tool, NEAT, estimates energy demand and GHG emissions from non-light duty freight modes through 2050. NEAT has been developed to provide estimates of the potential end-use energy consumption, upstream energy consumption, and GHG emissions impacts through 2050 of a Base Case and user defined alternative case(s) relating to five domestic freight carrying modes and their use of alternative fuels. The five modes are: (1) Intercity freight-carrying Trucks, (2) Freight Rail, (3 Domestic Freight Marine, (4) Domestic Freight Aviation, and (5) Pipeline.

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis

Examining the material demand and recycling issues related to lithium-ion batteries