Environmental biology

Natural gas from coal, courtesy of microbesNovember 20, 2015

The key to extracting usable energy from deep coal seams and depleted oil reservoirs may lie with their tiniest residents: the microscopic organisms known as methanogenic Archaea.

New insights into regulating the gut’s microbial communityAugust 27, 2015

In a study published in the journal Immunity, researchers at Argonne and the University of Chicago have gained new insight into the role the antibody IgA plays in regulating the gut’s microbial community.

Gut microbes affect circadian rhythms in mice, study saysAugust 3, 2015

A study including researchers from Argonne and the University of Chicago found evidence that gut microbes affect circadian rhythms and metabolism in mice.

Scientists study ways to integrate biofuels and food crops on farmsJuly 7, 2015

Scientists from Argonne are designing ways to improve—and hopefully optimize—land use. In collaboration with the farming community of the Indian Creek Watershed in central Illinois, these researchers are finding ways to simultaneously meet three objectives: maximize a farmer’s production, grow feedstock for bioenergy and protect the environment.