Fundamental interactions

Researchers hope better catalysts lead to better ways of converting biomass to fuelAugust 7, 2013

Scientists and entrepreneurs of old spent millennia trying to transmute lead into gold. Today, a new and more intellectually rigorous kind of alchemy has begun to produce important benefits for an economy that still relies heavily on fossil fuels.

Scientists see nanoparticles form larger structures in real timeApril 19, 2013

In a new study performed at the Center for Nanoscale Materials at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, researchers have for the first time seen the self-assembly of nanoparticle chains in situ, that is, in place as it occurs in real-time.

Dynamic separability of multiple reaction pathwaysApril 15, 2013

Paper shows that tight and roaming pathways may be treated as separable to a good approximation. Authors identify features of the potential energy landscape that serve as mechanism dividers.

Nanoscale 'Goldilocks' phenomenon could improve biofuel production January 15, 2013

In a case of the Goldilocks story retold at the molecular level, scientists at Argonne and Northwestern University have discovered a new path to the development of more stable and efficient catalysts.

Argonne physicist Fenter wins Warren Award for X-ray diffraction studies June 10, 2011

Paul Fenter, a physicist at Argonne National Laboratory, has been named the next recipient of the American Crystallographic Association's Bertram E. Warren Award, which recognizes contributions to the physics of solids through the use of diffraction-based techniques.