Argonne researchers create more accurate model for greenhouse gases from peatlandsOctober 2, 2014

Scientists at Argonne have created a new model to more accurately describe the greenhouse gases likely to be released from Arctic peatlands as they warm.

Composition of Earth’s mantle revisited thanks to research at Argonne’s Advanced Photon SourceJune 17, 2014

Research published last week in Science suggested that the makeup of the Earth’s lower mantle, which makes up the largest part of the Earth by volume, is significantly different than previously thought.

Study in 'Science' finds missing piece of biogeochemical puzzle in aquifersMay 1, 2014

A study published today in Science magazine by researchers from Argonne may dramatically shift our understanding of the complex dance of microbes and minerals that takes place in aquifers deep underground. This dance affects groundwater quality, the fate of contaminants in the ground and the emerging science of carbon sequestration.

High-pressure imaging breakthrough a boon for nanotechnologyApril 9, 2013

The study of nanoscale material just got much easier, and the design of nanoscale technology could get much more efficient, thanks to an advance in X-ray analysis.