High-energy physics

Experimental Results of High Power W-band RF Generation and Modulation Using Electron Bunch Train at AWA

Next generation linear colliders require collision energies of a few TeV. Based on current accelerator technology the collider will be tens of kilometers long. Advanced accelerator concepts capable of high acceleration gradients are under study to reduce the footprint of such machines. One approach to realizing high gradient acceleration is to use beam-driven RF structures at higher frequencies (~100 GHz) than traditional (~1-10 GHz) since pulsed heating scales inversely with frequency for normal conducting cavities.

Variations on a WIMP

A stable particle with a weak scale mass and coupling is a well motivated dark matter candidate; one which arises in a variety of models for new physics, including the MSSM. Given the lack of clear evidence for WIMP signatures at direct, indirect and collider searches, we are motivated to look beyond the standard lore. In a model independent framework complementary to LHC monojet searches, we discuss searches at high luminosity colliders for heavy quarkonium decays to dark matter particles with masses below the weak scale.