High-energy physics

Intensity Frontier Workshop
Argonne will host the 2013 Intensity Frontier Workshop Thursday, April 25, through Saturday, April 27.

The registration fee for the workshop is $82 and includes attendance at all sessions, lunch on Saturday, April 27, coffee breaks and administrative costs of organizing the meeting. There will be an optional banquet Thursday, April 25 at the Argonne Guest House.

The Intensity Frontier working group is charged with summarizing the current state of knowledge, and identifying the most promising future opportunities at the Intensity Frontier of Physics.

R Symmetry as the Lepton Number
I will talk about a R symmetric SUSY model where the R symmetry is identified with the lepton number,and where a sneutrino vev gives mass to the down type quarks and leptons. I will discuss the distinctive LHC phenomelogy of this scenario and show how the parameter space is still large (for example the first and second generation squarks can be as light as 600-700 GeV). I will finally show how neutrino physics fits in this model.