High-energy physics

Production of High Transverse Momentum Vector Bosons

Production of High Transverse Momentum Vector Bosons Reconstructed as Single Jets at ATLAS and its Application to Search for New Physics at the LHC


Search for Vector-Like Quarks with the ATLAS Detector
I will report on searches for new vector-like quarks, denoted t' and b', that are produced in pp collisions at the LHC. The talk will mostly focus on searches for a t' or b' decaying into a Z boson and a b or t quark. In addition, I will discuss additional searches in other decay modes and the statistical combination of the various decay modes. Finally, I will report on projections for Run II and beyond.

Searches for New Physics at ATLAS Using Pair Production of Higgs Bosons
Just two years after the discovery of the Higgs boson, experiments at the LHC are just beginning to explore the Higgs sector to determine if electroweak symmetry breaking occurs as predicted in the Standard Model.
Argonne Now Magazine - Summer 2014

In the summer 2014 issue of the Argonne magazine, learn about "The Science that Stumped Einstein," find out how we are addressing crime, social unrest, and buses by finding patterns in data in "City of Big Data," and take a trip back to 19th-century Chicago to get perspective on the ongoing issue of soot and carbon in the air in "The Volcano of a Hundred Thousand Mouths." Also featuring Ask a Scientist, fun facts, infographics, The Secret Lives of Scientists, and more.

Seeing Back in Time with SuperconductorsJune 1, 2014

For Argonne physicist Clarence Chang, looking backward in time to the earliest ages of the universe is all in a day’s work.