High-energy physics

Detailed Studies of Electromagnetic and Hadronic Showers with the DHCAL
The CALICE collaboration is involved in the development of calorimeters optimized for the particle flow measurement at a future ee linear collider, like the International Linear Collider (ILC). Within this collaboration the technology of a Digital Hadron Calorimeter (DHCAL) was developed and a physical 1m prototype using Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) was constructed at Argonne National Laboratory. The DHCAL prototype is a high granularity 1x1 cm sampling calorimeter with digital read-out, making it the first digital imaging calorimeter.
History, Development, and Applications of Neutron Sources
touch upon a few of the historical events that led to modern neutron sources and their uses in neutron scattering studies of materials. And the beginnings of accelerator-based pulsed spallation neutron sources, which took place at Argonne. I survey existing facilities and instruments for neutron scattering research and give examples of applications in materials science.

The Higgs, Flavor and Large A t in Extended GMSB
The observed Higgs at 126 GeV requires large tuning in the MSSM. This tuning is particularly bad in gauge mediated SUSY breaking (GMSB), as the large A-terms that can ameliorate this tuning are absent at the messenger scale. Extending GMSB through the addition of superpotential couplings between the MSSM and messenger superfields can generate these A-terms to reduce the severity of the tuning problems in GMSB.