Lithium-ion batteries

Ozgenur Kahvecioglu FeridunMarch 21, 2014

Postdoctoral Appointee

Three Argonne projects win DOE funding to improve vehicle technologiesSeptember 12, 2013

Argonne has received $4.7 million from the DOE for three projects to develop new vehicle technologies, including capacitors, electrochemical couples and electrolytes for batteries intended for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Ask a scientist: Battery life and careJuly 1, 2012

Argonne battery scientists answer the question, "Can I make my battery last longer by letting it run all the way out before recharging?"

Argonne flows into utility-scale battery researchJune 28, 2012

Scientists at Argonne have developed an all-organic non-aqueous lithium-ion redox flow battery that would help expand use of large-scale solar and wind energy on the nation's electrical grid.