Energy Systems Organization Charts

Charts showing the organizational structure of the Energy Systems Division and the Center for Transportation Research at Argonne.

Erdemir receives patent for ultra-fast surface hardening technologyAugust 11, 2015

A newly patented technology by Distinguished Fellow Ali Erdemir and his team at Argonne National Laboratory could greatly extend the lifetime of mechanical parts. The team designed a device for ultra-fast boriding, which compared to conventional boriding techniques saves time, money and energy, and even alleviates environmental concerns.

Customized Nanoengineered Coatings for Science and Industry

Nanoengineered coatings have diverse applications in the manufacture of microelectronics, optics, sensors and solid-state detectors, to name a few. Of the many techniques for producing manoengineered coatings, atomic layer deposition, or ALD, offers superlative performance. Argonne's advanced ALD materials capabilities and intellectual property are available to scientific firms and industry.

Atomic Layer Deposition Research and Development at Argonne

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of Atomic Layer Deposition research capabilities at Argonne National Laboratory.

Caterpillar, Argonne undertake cooperative virtual engine design, control projectJune 30, 2014

Internal combustion engines are poised for dramatic breakthroughs in improving efficiency with lower emissions, thanks in part to low-temperature combustion regimes. Such regimes show great efficiency and emissions potential, but they present optimization and control challenges that must be addressed before they enter the engine mainstream.

Thermal-Mechanical Technologies

Fluids that perform cooling functions in engines, materials that transmit energy, sensors that monitor environmental conditions and materials, processes and systems to manage heat