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Addressing trust in numerical simulations — help wanted!May 11, 2015

Trust is a serious and insufficiently recognized problem. Definitions differ, both systematic and unsystematic, unintentional and malicious corruptions occur, and detection can be difficult and costly. To address this problem, researchers at Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division have produced a white paper investigating key aspects of trust that users can give to the results of numerical simulations.

The paper includes numerous cases of alterations of results, presents a gap analysis, and suggests research directions and associated research topics.

VERIFI code optimization yields three-fold increase in engine simulation speedMay 7, 2015

VERIFI has taken the next step in its work with Convergent Science, Inc., optimizing the code running the company’s CONVERGE engine modeling software and achieving a three-fold increase in speed. The new code allowed VERIFI to recently run the largest engine simulation conducted to date.