Molecular biology

Decoding dengue and West Nile: Researchers take steps toward control of growing public health problemsFebruary 6, 2014

Utilizing Argonne's Advanced Photon Source, a team of scientists from the University of Michigan and Purdue University has discovered a key aspect both to how Dengue fever and West Nile fever replicate in the cells of their host and how they manipulate the immune system as they spread.

A wrong molecular turn leads down the path to type 2 diabetesDecember 20, 2013

Computing resources at Argonne have helped researchers better grasp how proteins misfold to create the tissue-damaging structures that lead to type 2 diabetes.

50-year-old assumptions about strength muscled asideJuly 11, 2013

Doctors have a new way of thinking about how to treat heart and skeletal muscle diseases. Body builders have a new way of thinking about how they maximize their power. Both owe their new insight to high-energy X-rays, a moth and cloud computing.

New approach to vaccine design targets HIV and other fast-mutating virusesMay 24, 2013

A team of scientists has unveiled a new technique for vaccine design that could be particularly useful against HIV and other fast-mutating viruses. This technique was tested with the help of high-energy X-rays at Argonne National Laboratory.

Breakthrough could lead to drugs that better combat 'superbugs'February 28, 2013

In the never-ending battle between antibiotic developers and the bacteria they fight, scientists at Argonne have made a key breakthrough that could allow for the development of new drugs to more effectively combat antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.”