Networking & data management

New sensor array changes the data collection gameMarch 5, 2015

Researchers at Argonne have developed a platform that outfits researchers with a next-generation data collection experience.

Concerted Flows: Infrastructure for Terabits Data Networks

The Concerted Flows project seeks to develop the concepts, methods, and software required to express and implement pervasive parallelism for high-performance applications using 100G networks and beyond.

Globus Online: Robust File Transfer of Big Data

Globus Online is a software-as-a-service for secure, reliable, data management.

Data-Intensive Science

We’ve got a lot of computer power – but it is being dwarfed by increases in the amount of data. MCS researchers are devising new methods to extract knowledge and insights from large data sets in order to make new scientific discoveries.

New institute to tackle "data tsunami" challengeApril 18, 2012

A new institute will help scientists process data from complex simulations. Above: a simulation of a complete helicopter combustion chamber, performed on the IBM Blue Gene/P at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. Image courtesy Pierre Wolf, Turbomeca and CERFACS.

Argonne technology enables high-speed data transferJune 17, 2009

GridFTP, a protocol developed by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory, has been used to transfer unprecedented amounts of data over the Department of Energy's Energy Sciences Network, which provides a reliable, high-performance communications infrastructure to facilitate large-scale, collaborative science endeavors.