Prospects for Interstellar Travel

Mankind has always dreamed of traveling to the stars and as technology advanced, dreams became studies and plans for interstellar travel. However, none of these plans were ever carried-out because of three major obstacles – Technology, Energy, and Economics.

Nano Design Works

Argonne's new center for nanotechnology collaboration provides an innovative pathway for business and industry to access Argonne’s unparalleled scientific resources.

Interfacial Coupling at Multifunctional Oxide Interfaces

Complex oxide materials exhibit a strong interplay between spin, charge, and lattice effects. Coupling between these degrees of freedom leads to a variety of novel electronic and magnetic properties, including magnetic and charge ordered states, superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, and a range of electron transport behavior. The possibility of integrating these different properties can be used to motivate the development of new, artificially structured materials systems.

Fiber Characterization and Analysis

Argonne-developed nanofiber assembly characterization software has an intuitive approach of recognizing each fiber when doing its analysis.

The software was developed specifically to analyze images with challenging but common and realistic issues with high reliability and consistency.  Many assemblies that are produced in laboratories and industry are difficult to measure because they often have beads, curved fibers, and varying area density. Many researchers have to deal with measurement difficulties in images and have resulted in manually counting the fibers in each image.

Science Behind the Fiction, Special Edition: Back to the Future Part II [1989]October 21, 2015

Science Behind the Fiction critiques the science and engineering portrayed in popular films and literature. In honor of reaching the “future” of Back to the Future Part II, we’re taking a look at the technology its creators predicted for 2015.

Argonne scientists receive recognition for clean energy researchOctober 21, 2015

Midwest Energy News has named Elena Timofeeva and Leah Guzowski to its inaugural 40 under 40 list.