Renewable energy

Wind Turbine Tribology Seminar 2014

Wind turbine reliability issues are often linked to failures of contacting components, such as: bearings, gears, and actuators. Therefore, special consideration to tribological design in wind turbine systems is critical. This seminar has two main functions: to provide an overview of tribology fundamentals relevant to wind turbines, and to review the critical tribological issues and current R&D activities to address these issues. The invited speakers cover a range of topics including

Wind Turbine Tribology Seminar 2014: Lubrication Fundamentals

This session was chaired by Shawn Sheng.


  • Gear Oil Formulation in Wind
    Jon Leather, Castrol
  • Wind Turbine Grease Formulation
    Jaime Spagnoli, Exxon Mobil
Argonne researchers use real-world data to model the effect of more solar on the gridOctober 10, 2014

As we add more electricity from renewable sources that can only make electricity when the sun shines or the wind blows, researchers from Argonne have been modeling the power system to help utilities adjust their operations to make sure they can maintain high levels of electricity reliability.