Discovery of new material state counterintuitive to laws of physicsJune 11, 2013

When you squeeze something, it gets smaller. Unless you’re at Argonne National Laboratory. At the suburban Chicago laboratory, a group of scientists has seemingly defied the laws of physics and found a way to apply pressure to make a material expand instead of compress/contract.

ARG-US RFID System for Managing High-Risk Materials

Safeguard the management of nuclear and radioactive materials, as well as that of other sensitive items in storage, transportation and disposition

Framework for Managing Resilience

A Joint Complex Adaptive Systems Group and Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analyses Seminar

Leah B. GuzowskiApril 1, 2013

Energy Policy Scientist

Grid Resiliency

Research in Infrastructure Resilience is performed as part of Argonne's National Security initiative and in the Infrastructure Assurance Center.