Argonne confirms new commercial method for producing medical isotopeJune 15, 2015

Argonne National Laboratory recently teamed with SHINE Medical Technologies to demonstrate the production, separation and purification of a critical medical radioisotope that is used in millions of medical procedures each year, but is not produced domestically.

Analyzing Network Flow Records using Visual Analytics Approach
How to better find potential cyberattacks is the billion dollar question facing security researchers and practitioners. In a visual analytics based approach, we innovatively designed a graphic based system overview that can make suspicious activities related to server redirection attack and data exfiltration easier to identify.
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Clearances can be passed to Argonne National Laboratory through the following means:

  1. In memo form via unsecure fax at (630) 252-5678 (receiving machine is in a locked location)
  2. In memo form via encrypted email to
  3. Via M3 using PLA DOE//SSO//ANL

Please note that Argonne does not have JPAS and cannot accept SMO codes.

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National Security Facility

Argonne National Laboratory's National Security Facility is a Field Intelligence Element (FIE) user facility that provides tools and resources to enable and strengthen connections between government sponsors and the broad set of scientific and engineering capabilities and facilities at the Laboratory, with the overall goal of improving the national security of the United States. FIE staff members facilitate delivery of quick-turnaround, specialized technology applications and operational support based on Argonne's technological expertise, to the U.S.


Argonne National Laboratory's Counterintelligence Program combats foreign intelligence activities targeted against Argonne National Laboratory personnel, information and technologies by detecting, deterring and counteracting these efforts and by educating employees on counterintelligence threats. The Counterintelligence Program also addresses potential terrorist threats at the Laboratory and potential threats to employees when they travel.

Argonne's Counterintelligence Program provides:

Employee Spotlight: John T. MurphyJune 1, 2015

Computational Engineer