Site environmental protection

Poster: Environmental Policy

Argonne’s Environmental Policy details the facility’s commitment to supporting our scientific mission by ensuring that all activities are conducted in an environmentally safe and sound manner. Since 2009, Argonne has maintained accreditation by an independent third party registrar to the internationally recognized Environmental Management System standard, ISO 14001:2004.

Argonne Site Environmental Reports

Since 1972, Argonne's has monitored the environment of its Illinois site and each year issued public reports on its findings.
The latest reports are available here. An archive of reports since 1972 is also available on request.

Argonne recognized by Energy Secretary Chu for greenhouse gas reductionsMay 30, 2012

Argonne National Laboratory is leading the way in greenhouse gas reductions, particularly with the recapture and recycling of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). SF6 is a gas used in industry as an anti-arcing agent. It is an extremely potent greenhouse gas — one pound of SF6 is equivalent to 12 tons of carbon dioxide.

Argonne highlights green research in honor of Earth DayApril 21, 2011

The lab's research seeks both cleaner energy—solar cells, batteries and biofuels, among others—and ways to reduce man's environmental footprint, including reducing agricultural runoff and ways to safely clean up contaminated land.

Crucial building reclassified after extensive waste removal January 2, 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory has reached a significant milestone in reducing its nuclear footprint now that it has reclassified a key building based on the reduced amount of radiological material it holds.

In December 2008, when the laboratory kicked off the plans to remove legacy nuclear material, Building 205's K-Wing was considered a “Nuclear Hazard Category 2” facility, meaning that it contained a significant amount of nuclear material.

Argonne makes great strides in reducing legacy nuclear wasteAugust 10, 2010

Argonne National Laboratory took a significant step in reducing its legacy waste earlier this week by ridding itself of a 22,000-pound device once associated with a historic reactor.

First ARRA-funded transuranic waste shipment leaves Argonne for disposal facility in New MexicoNovember 16, 2009

Argonne National Laboratory has been removing transuranic waste from its site for three years, but the Oct. 15 shipment of radioactive material to a disposal facility near Carlsbad, New Mexico marked the first time the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act picked up the tab.