Theoretical physics

Neutrino Anomalies: What May Short-baseline Neutrino Anomalies Tell Us About Long-baseline and Reactor Angle Measurements?
We revisit some of the recent neutrino observations and anomalies in the context of sterile neutrinos. Specifically, we would like to explore some of the analytic implications of the current neutrino fits from short baseline experiments. Particular emphasis will be on the neutrino disappearance measurements from MINOS and the recent indications of a possibly non-vanishing reactor angle from T2K, MINOS, Daya-Bay, RENO and Double-CHOOZ.

Dark Energy: Constant or Time Variable and Other Open Questions
Experiments and observations over the last decade have persuaded cosmologists that (as yet undetected) dark energy is by far the main component of the energy budget of the universe. I review a few simple dark energy models and compare their predictions to observational data, to derive dark energy model-parameter constraints and to test consistency of different data sets. I conclude with a list of open cosmological questions.