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Direct Numerical Simulations of Cosmological Reionization: Field Comparison: Ionization Fraction

This video from SDSC depicts the birth of the universe. "The light from early galaxies had a dramatic impact on the gasses filling the universe. This video highlights the spatial structure of the light's effect, by comparing two simulations: one with a self-consistent radiation field (RHD), and one without (HD). The comparison shown is the relative difference of the ionization fraction. The colors show whether the ionization fraction is greater in radiative or non-radiative case."
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Science: Robert Harkness, SDSC Daniel R. Reynolds, Southern Methodist University Michael Norman: SDSC Rick Wagner: SDSC Visualization: Mark Hereld, Argonne, Joeseph A. Insley, Argonne, Michael E. Papka, Argonne, Venkartram Vishwanath, Argonne
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