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Argonne Accelerator Institute

The Argonne Accelerator History Document Collection

Albert Crewe (right), Argonne director from 1961 to 1967, explains the ZGS’s Cockroft-Walton pre-accelerator.

The Argonne Accelerator Institute (AAI) has established a special collection of archived documents which describe notable Argonne accelerator work of the past 50 years. A list of such Argonne Accelerator Projects is given below. Each project is described briefly, with links to archived documents in this collection.

This collection includes important Argonne accelerator documents which may have become difficult to locate, as well as ones which have broad scope. In keeping with its historical purpose, this collection only covers work done 10 or more years ago. Many of the listed documents are available online. We hope to make more of them available online in the future. [For several of the projects, interesting additional online documents can be found by searching the Web or specialized databases.]

Of the accelerator projects listed, some have served as world-class user-oriented facilities which were designed and built at Argonne, and then operated by Argonne for use by large outside communities of research scientists. Other listed projects featured either major advanced accelerator designs or unique R&D facilities for frontier studies of accelerator physics and technology. 

List of Argonne Accelerator Projects