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Advanced Energy Technologies

Hydropower Projects & Modeling Tools

Building hydropower resources for reliable power grids and state-of-the-art analytics tools.

  • Developing advanced conventional and pumped storage hydropower (PSH) projects to expand the use of renewable energy and its integration into flexible, reliable power grids.
  • Creating state-of-the-art analytics tools for hydropower owners and operators to evaluate power economics and environmental sustainability.

Pumped Storage Hydropower Valuation Tool

Decision tree-based tool providing step-by-step valuation guidance for PSH developers, plant owners or operators, and other stakeholders to assess the value of existing or potential new PSH plants and their services.

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Glen Canyon LTEMP EIS

Glen Canyon Dam, a 1,300-MW water-storage and hydroelectric facility is located on the Colorado River upstream of the Grand Canyon. EVS is evaluating the effects of dam operations on the Colorado River.