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Energy and Global Security

Bioprocesses and Reactive Separations

Applying bioreactor science to energy, manufacturing, and water treatment/management

Bioreactor and separation technologies offer great opportunities for waste management, energy production and manufacturing. By improving the efficiency of the underlying reactions, we are working to advance a wide range of cost-competitive bioreactor technologies to enhance the applications for cost-effective and efficient waste-to-energy processing.

Focus Areas

  • Re-engineering plant flow diagrams to develop innovative technologies for industrial applications
  • Development and application of intensified reactor and separation technologies for bioenergy and bioproducts production, water treatment and manufacturing
  • Advanced unit operation design, modeling and techno-economic assessment


  • Bioprocess and separative reactor technology development and scale up: 1, 500 and 2,500 gals/day bioprocessing system
  • Unit modeling, techno-economic and lifecycle analysis 
  • Wet Chemistry Labs: Bench- and pilot-scale fermenters (0.5 liter- 400 liters), centrifuges, freeze drying
  • Analytical: GC and GC/MS, Spectrophotometry (HACH spectrophotometer and reactor), TGA, Bomb calorimeter, HPLC, ICP, IC, FT-IR, TOC analyzer
  • Software: ASPEN Plus (full package), COMSOL, CapDet Works, GREET 
  • Field Corrosion Sensing System: Noninvasive corrosion sensors and monitoring system for oil and gas industrial pipes and facilities