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Electronic Materials Characterization, Automation and Modeling Program

In situ physics-of-device failure study of power electronic devices and components

Argonne researchers are advancing manufacturing technology through in-situ physics-of-device failure study of power electronic devices and components. and engaged in strengthening U.S. national security through reliability test of power electronic device and component in extreme, harsh environments.

Focus Areas

  • Accelerated reliability testing
  • Radiation hardness testing
  • Characterization platform automation for harsh environment operation
  • In-situ physics-of-device failure analysis
  • Data analysis for Graphical User Interface (GUI) platform development
  • Machine learning based life-time prediction modeling


  • Thermal aging testing of power devices up to 1000oC
  • Bias temperature instability testing of power devices and components
  • Accelerated neutron radiation failure-in-time (FIT), microdose, total ionizing displacement (TID) testing of devices and materials
  • High speed x-ray imaging of device during transient or switching failure
  • Dielectric degradation analysis of materials and devices in extreme environments
  • Static characterization of power devices
  • In-situ I-V monitoring and data collection of device and material in extreme environments
  • GUI platform utilization? to compare degradation of devices and materials before and after stress

Research Areas

In-situ Physics-of-Failure Analysis: Argonne researchers are leveraging Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source’s (APS) x-ray high-speed imaging (HSI) capability for in-situ physics-of-failure analysis for high power high frequency wide bandgap (WBG) power devices and aerospace component manufacturers. Argonne has built a capability at the APS HSI beamline (32-ID) for testing and performing in-situ physics-of-failure analysis of WBG power devices and components during accelerated stressing and high-speed switching.

Hardness Testing of Power Devices in Extreme Harsh Environments: This research focuses on demonstrating reliability testing of 600 V-1700 V GaN and SiC WBG power devices in high neutron radiation environments and high temperatures (350oC-800oC) at a highly accelerated rate and performing in-situ observation of electrical and thermal properties. Argonne has built the capability to perform extreme condition reliability test in order to facilitate improved? advanced manufacturing of WBG devices for extreme harsh environment application through aerospace and defense industry partners.

Benchmarking WBG Power Devices: The research focuses on benchmarking WBG SiC power devices through accelerated reliability testing. We have developed a thermal aging and bias temperature instability platform. In order to analyze static electrical properties, we have developed statistics and machine learning based on GUI interface.


  • Moinuddin Ahmed (Principal Investigator)
  • Christopher Stankus
  • Carlos Olivares
  • Dayne Hultman
  • Christopher Strnad
  • Sophie Roberts
  • Jeremy Schultz


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