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Argonne Retirees

Post-65 Retirees Health Insurance

Medicare-eligible retirees aged 65 or older and their Medicare-eligible dependents age 65 or older will purchase individual health insurance (i.e., medical, prescription drug and dental) through a private health exchange managed by Alight Retiree Health Solutions. A health reimbursement account (HRA) will be established to help reimburse you for the coverage you select in the Alight private health exchange. The amount Argonne contributes will be reviewed and established on a calendar year basis.

Dependents of post-65 retirees who are under the age of 65 may participate in Argonne’s pre-65 retiree group health care plans.

Pre-65 Retiree Health Insurance

Pre-65 retirees are eligible to continue coverage under their current medical and prescription drug plans, as well as their dental plan, until they turn age 65, at which time they will enroll for primary coverage in Medicare Part A and B and supplemental coverage through the Alight private health exchange.

Dependents of pre-65 retirees who are over the age of 65 will select a plan through the Alight private health exchange.

Aetna Medical Plans

Prescription Drug

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

Employees who retired before January 1, 2006, may be eligible for retiree life insurance. Contact Argonne’s Benefits Department for information.

Retirement Plans

Argonne Benefits Department

Phone:  +1-630-252-2989
Email: benefits@​anl.​gov

Please Update Your Contact Information!

We may need periodic contact with you as a former Argonne employee. Please provide your current email and U.S. Postal Service addresses to benefits@​anl.​gov