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Investigation on Temporal Evolution of Grain Refinement in Copper under High Strain Rate Loading via In-situ Synchrotron Measurement and Predictive Modeling


Shah, Pooja; Shin, Yung; Sun, Tao


Synchrotron X-rays are integrated with a modified Kolsky tension bar to conduct in situ tracking of the grain refinement mechanism operating during the dynamic deformation of metals. Copper with an initial average grain size of 36 μm is refined to 6.3 μm when loaded at a constant high strain rate of 1200 s-1. The synchrotron measurements revealed the temporal evolution of the grain refinement mechanism in terms of the initiation and rate of refinement throughout the loading test. A multiscale coupled probabilistic cellular automata based recrystallization model has been developed to predict the microstructural evolution occurring during dynamic deformation processes. The model accurately predicts the initiation of the grain refinement mechanism with a predicted final average grain size of 2.4 μm. The model also accurately predicts the temporal evolution in terms of the initiation and extent of refinement when compared with the experimental results.



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