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Single Crystal Growth of 67%BiFeO{sub 3}-33%BaTiO{sub 3} Solution by the Floating Zone Method.


Rong, Y.; Zheng, H.; Krogstad, M.; Mitchell, J.; Phelan, D.


The growth conditions and the resultant grain morphologies and phase purities from floating-zone growth of 67%BiFeO3-33%BaTiO3 (BF-33BT) single crystals are reported. We find two formidable challenges for the growth. First, a low-melting point constituent leads to a pre-melt zone in the feed-rod that adversely affects growth stability. Second, constitutional super-cooling (CSC), which was found to lead to dendritic and columnar features in the grain morphology, necessitates slow traveling rates during growth. Both challenges were addressed by modifications to the floating-zone furnace that steepened the temperature gradient at the melt-solid interfaces. Slow growth was also required to counter the effects of CSC. Single crystals with typical dimensions of hundreds of microns have been obtained which possess high quality and are suitable for detailed structural studies.



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