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Metastable solidification of hypereutectic Co2Si-CoSi compos


Wang, Yeqing; Gao, Jianrong; Kolbe, Matthias; Chuang, Andrew (Chihpin); Ren, Yang; Matson, Douglas


Metastable solidification of undercooled Co60Si40 melts was investigated by microstructural studies and in-situ high-energy X-ray diffraction. Five solidification paths were identified. Three of them were observed at low undercoolings, which show uncoupled and coupled growth of stable β-Co2Si and CoSi compounds. The other paths were observed at high undercoolings, which show peritectic and primary crystallization of a metastable Co5Si3 compound. The β-Co2Si and Co5Si3 compounds crystallize into a hexagonal crystal structure and experience solid-state decomposition. Microstructure formation depends on solidification path. The coupled and uncoupled growth of the stable compounds produces a regular lamellar eutectic structure and an anomalous eutectic structure, respectively. The crystallization and solid-state decomposition of the metastable Co5Si3 compound brings about a fine-grained two-phase mixture, which represents another type of anomalous eutectic structure. The results provide proof of two rare mechanisms of anomalous eutectic formation and shed light onto metastable phase relations in the undercooled region of the Co-Si system.



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