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The Interaction of Anti-diabetic α-Glucosidase Inhibitors an


Tan, Kemin; Tesar, Christine; Wilton, Rosemarie; Jedrzejczak, Robert; Joachimiak, Andrzej


Carbohydrate hydrolyzing α-glucosidases are commonly found in microorganisms present in the human intestine microbiome. We have previously reported crystal structures of an α-glucosidase from the human gut bacterium Blaubia (Ruminococcus) obeum (Ro-αG1) and its substrate preference/specificity switch. This novel member of the GH31 family is a structural homolog of human intestinal maltase-glucoamylase (MGAM) and sucrase–isomaltase (SI) with a highly conserved active site that is predicted to be common in Ro-αG1 homologs among other species that colonize the human gut. In this report, we present structures of Ro-αG1 in complex with the anti-diabetic α-glucosidase inhibitors voglibose, miglitol and acarbose and supporting binding data. The in vitro binding of these anti-diabetic drugs to Ro-αG1 suggests the potential for unintended in vivo cross-reaction of the α-glucosidase inhibitors to bacterial α-glucosidases that are present in gut microorganism communities. Moreover, analysis of these drug-bound enzyme structures could benefit further anti-diabetic drug development.



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