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Exploring Time-Varying Multivariate Volume Data Using Matrix


Tao, Jun; Imre, Martin; Wang, Chaoli; Chawla, Nitesh; Guo, Hanqi; Sever, Gökhan; Kim, Seung Hyun


We present a novel visual representation and interface named the matrix of isosurface similarity maps (MISM) for effective exploration of large time-varying multivariate volumetric data sets. MISM synthesizes three types of similarity maps (i.e., self, temporal, and variable similarity maps) to capture the essential relationships among isosurfaces of different variables and time steps. Additionally, it serves as the main visual mapping and navigation tool for examining the vast number of isosurfaces and exploring the underlying time-varying multivariate data set. We present temporal clustering, variable grouping, and interactive filtering to reduce the huge exploration space of MISM. In conjunction with the isovalue and isosurface views, MISM allows users to identify important isosurfaces or isosurface pairs and compare them over space, time, and value range. More importantly, we introduce path recommendation that suggests, animates, and compares traversal paths for effectively exploring MISM under varied criteria and at different levels-of-detail. A silhouette-based method is applied to render multiple surfaces of interest in a visually succinct manner. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach with case studies of several time-varying multivariate data sets and an ensemble data set, and evaluate our work with two domain experts.



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