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Phase retrieval for Bragg coherent diffraction imaging at hi


Maddali, S.; Allain, M.; Cha, W.; Harder, R.; Almer, J.; Kenesei, P.; Park, J.; Nashed, Y.; Hruszkewycz, S.


Coherent x-ray beams with energies >= 50 keV can potentially enable three-dimensional imaging of atomic lattice distortion fields within individual crystallites in bulk polycrystalline materials through Bragg coherent diffraction imaging (BCDI). However, the undersampling of the diffraction signal due to Fourier-space compression at high x-ray energies renders conventional phase-retrieval algorithms unsuitable for three-dimensional reconstruction. To address this problem, we utilize a phase-retrieval method with a Fourier constraint specifically tailored for undersampled diffraction data measured with coarse-pitched detector pixels that bin the underlying signal. With our approach, we show that it is possible to reconstruct three-dimensional strained crystallites from an undersampled Bragg diffraction data set subject to pixel-area integration without having to physically upsample the diffraction signal. Using simulations and experimental results, we demonstrate that explicit modeling of Fourier-space compression during phase retrieval provides a viable means by which to invert high-energy BCDI data, which is otherwise intractable.



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