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Toward a MILP Modeling Framework for Distribution System Res


Chen, Bo; Ye, Zhigang; Chen, Chen; Wang, Jianhui


Large-scale blackouts and extreme weather events in recent decades raise the concern for improving the resilience of electric power infrastructures. Distribution service restoration (DSR), a fundamental application in outage management systems, provides restoration solutions for system operators when power outages happen. As distribution generators (DGs) and remotely controllable devices are increasingly installed in distribution systems, an advanced DSR framework is needed to perform optimally coordinated restoration that can achieve maximal restoration performance. This paper introduces a DSR modeling framework, which can generate optimal switching sequences and estimated time of restoration in the presence of remotely controllable switches, manually operated switches, and dispatchable DGs. Two mathematical models, a variable time step model and a fixed time step model, are presented and compared. The proposed models are formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming model, and their effectiveness is evaluated via the IEEE 123 node test feeder.



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