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Complete Strain Mapping of Nanosheets of Tantalum Disulfide


Cao, Yue; Assefa, Tadesse; Banerjee, Soham; Wieteska, Andrew; Wang, Dennis; Pasupathy, Abhay; Tong, Xiao; Liu, Yu; Lu, Wenjian; Sun, Yu-Ping


Quasi-two-dimensional (quasi-2D) materials hold promise for future electronics because of their unique band structuresthat result in electronic and mechanical properties sensitive to crystal strains in all three dimensions. Quantifying crystal strain is a prerequisite to correlating it with the performance of the device, and calls for high resolution but spatially resolved rapid characterization methods. Here we show that using fly-scan nano X-ray diffraction we can accomplish a tensile strain sensitivity below 0.001% with a spatial resolution of better than 80 nm over a spatial extent of 100 µm on quasi 2D flakes of 1T-TaS2. Coherent diffraction patterns were collected from a ~100 nm thick sheet of 1T-TaS2 by scanning 12keV focused X-ray beam across and rotating the sample. We demonstrate that the strain distribution around micron and sub-micron sized bubbles’ that are present in the sample may be reconstructed from these images. The experiments use state of the art synchrotron instrumentation, and will allow rapid and non-intrusive strain mapping of thin film samples and electronic devices based on quasi 2D materials.



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