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Impact of CAV Technologies on Energy Consumption of Advanced


Islam, Ehsan; Moawad, Ayman; Kim, Namdoo; Rousseau, Aymeric


Transportation system simulation is a widely accepted approach to evaluate the impact of transport policy deployment. In developing a transportation system deployment model, the energy impact of the model is extremely valuable for sustainability and validation. It is expected that different penetration levels of Connected-Automated Vehicles (CAVs) will impact the travel behavior due to changes in potential factors such as congestion, miles traveled, etc. Along with such impact analyses, it is also important to further quantify the regional energy impact of CAV deployment under different factors of interest. The objective of this paper is to study the different penetration levels of CAVs deployment in the City of Chicago and how it impacts the energy consumption of electrified vehicles in the future. The paper will further provide a statistical analysis of the results to evaluate the impact of the different penetration levels on the different electrified powertrains used in the study.



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Conference Paper