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Proton Shell Evolution below Sn-132: First Measurement of L


Chen, Z.; Li, Z. ; Hua, H.; Watanabe, H.; Yuan, C.; Zhang, S. Q.; Lorusso, G.; Nishimura, S.; Baba, H.; Browne, F.; Kondev, F. G.; Wu, J.


The beta-delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy of neutron-rich Ag-123,Ag-325 isotopes is investigated at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory of RIKEN, and the long-predicted 1/2(-) beta-emitting isomers in Ag-123,Ag-325 are identified for the first time. With the new experimental results, the systematic trend of energy spacing between the lowest 9/2(+) and 1/2(-) levels is extended in Ag isotopes up to N = 78, providing a clear signal for the reduction of the Z = 40 subshell gap in Ag towards N = 82. Shell-model calculations with the state-of-the-art V-MU plus M3Y spin-orbit interaction give a satisfactory description of the low-lying states in Ag-123,Ag-325. The tensor force is found to play a crucial role in the evolution of the size of the Z = 40 subshell gap. The observed inversion of the single-particle levels around Ag-123 can be well interpreted in terms of the monopole shift of the pi 1g(9/2) orbitals mainly caused by the increasing occupation of nu 1h(11/2) orbitals



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