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The Thermodynamics of Monoclinic and Tetragonal Hafnia at Am


Low, John; Paulson, Noah; DMello, Michael; Stan, Marius


Accurate and precise thermodynamic models of oxide compounds and their phases are important for calculating the phase stability of oxide materials. We develop and use a coupled quantum mechanical and molecular dynamics approach to create thermodynamic models of hafnia (HfO2) polymorphs from 0 K to 3000 K at ambient pressure. The approach is based on the quasi-harmonic approximation below the Debye temperature and on ab-initio molecular dynamics calculations above the Debye temperature to predict constant pressure heat capacities (C-p). A Bayesian model provides interpolated values between these regimes. As a case study, we develop thermodynamic models of monoclinic and tetragonal HfO2 polymorphs. The predicted heat capacities are in excellent agreement with experiment, and the predicted temperature of the monoclinic to tetragonal phase transition (2173 K) is in good agreement with the experimental value (2078K). These results provide a comprehensive and accurate thermodynamic model of the monoclinic and tetragonal phases of hafnia on a broad range of temperatures and can serve as input to CALPHAD assessment of multi-component hafnia-based phase diagrams.



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