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Superconducting Nanowires as High-Rate Photon Detectors in Strong Magnetic Fields


Polakovic, T.; Armstrong, W.; Yefremenko, V.; Pearson, J. ; Hafidi, K.; Karapetrov, G.; Meziani, Z.-E.; Novosad, V.


Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors are capable of single-photon detection across a large spectral range, with near unity detection efficiency, picosecond timing jitter, and sub-10 ┬Ám position resolution at rates as high as 109 counts/s. In an effort to bring this technology into nuclear physics experiments, we fabricate Niobium Nitride nanowire detectors using novel material preparation methods and test their performance in strong magnetic fields. We demonstrate that these devices are capable of detection of 400 nm wavelength photons with saturated internal quantum efficiency at liquid helium temperatures and in magnetic fields potentially up to 8 T at high rates and with nearly zero dark counts.