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Understanding the gap between the academic research and industrial requirements in rechargeable zinc-ion batteries


Li, Yingbo; Liu, Bin; Ding, Jia; Han, Xiaopeng; Deng, Yida; Wu, Tianpin; Amine, Khalil; Hu, Wenbin; Zhong, Cheng ; Lu, Jun


Rechargeable Zn-ion batteries (RZIBs) are considered to be promising energy storage systems for large-scale applications owing to their relatively high energy densities and inherently low costs, environmental benignity, as well as safety. With increasing interest and effort being devoted to this field, RZIBs are being tremendously advanced and are very likely to be commercialized in the near future. However, some challenges remain that need to be addressed. Moreover, reported results are quite often overstated through artificial exaggeration and cannot be translated to industrial applications as they were obtained under ideal testing conditions. Therefore, in this perspective, we discuss key parameters that need to be carefully considered when translating laboratory-developed RZIBs into commercial reality. We also present a critical mini-review on RZIBs and devote effort to issues that are overlooked in academic research. We believe that this perspective provides new or seldom-discussed insight for future work and bridges the gap between academia and industry.



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