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Low-, Medium-, and High-Spin States in the {ital N = Z} + 1 Nucleus {sup 63}Ga


Rudolph, D.; Ragnarsson, I.; Clark, R. M.; Andreoiu, C.; Carpenter, M. P.; Ekman, J.; Fahlander, C.; Kondev, F.; Lauritsen, T.; Sarantites, D.; Seweryniak, D.; Svensson, C.


The fusion-evaporation reaction Si-28 + Ca-40 at 122 MeV beam energy was used to populate excited states in the N = Z + 1 nucleus Ga-63. With the combination of the Gammasphere spectrometer and the Microball CsI(T1) charged-particle detector array, the level scheme of Ga-63 was extended by more than a factor of two in terms of number of gamma-ray transitions and excited states, excitation energy (E-x > 30 MeV), and angular momentum (I > 30 h). Nine regular sequences of states were newly established in the high-spin part of the level scheme. The majority of these rotational band structures could be connected to the previously known part of the level scheme by high-energy gamma-ray transitions in the energy range E-gamma = 4-6 MeV. Low-spin states were assessed by shell-model calculations. The high-spin rotational bands were interpreted and classified by means of cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky calculations.



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