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The Ame 2020 Atomic Mass Evaluation (I). Evaluation of input


Huang, W.; Wang, Meng; Kondev, F. G.; Audi, G.; Naimi, S.


This is the first of two articles (Part I and Part II) that presents the results of the new atomic mass evaluation, AME2020. It includes complete information on the experimental input data that were used to derive the tables of recommended values which are given in Part II. This article describes the evaluation philosophy and procedures that were implemented in the selection of specific nuclear reaction, decay and mass-spectrometric data which were used in a least-squares fit adjustment in order to determine the recommended mass values and their uncertainties. All input data, including both the accepted and rejected ones, are tabulated and compared with the adjusted values obtained from the least-squares fit analysis. Differences with the previous AME2016 evaluation are discussed and specific examples are presented for several nuclides that may be of interest to AME users.



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